Can I Buy the Abortion Pill for My Girlfriend?

Did she really say what you thought she said? “I’m pregnant.” Those are two words that can change everything. I mean, you like her and all, but you’re not ready to be a dad. So you’re asking the question, “Can I buy the abortion pill for my girlfriend?”

What is the Abortion Pill?

Hey, take the abortion pill. How bad can it be, right? One pill, and it’s over. But, it isn’t one pill, and it isn’t that easy. Abortion is a serious medical procedure. It shouldn’t be done lightly, and it can’t be done without having specific information first. To learn more about the abortion pill process, side effects, and risks, read “The Abortion Pill Process.”

Pre-abortion Evaluation

Before you buy anything, the two of you should confirm that she’s actually pregnant. Even if she’s taken an over-the-counter pregnancy test, you should verify the pregnancy with one of our free Center pregnancy tests. Sometimes the at-home tests are taken too soon, or the directions aren’t followed carefully.

Free Pregnancy Test

Because ALC offers free pregnancy tests, you can confirm if the first test she took really is positive. Make an appointment, and you’ll have your results that day.

Maybe She Isn’t Pregnant

According to medical experts, as many as 1 in 4 known pregnancies end in natural miscarriages. She could have had a miscarriage but still get a positive result on her pregnancy test. How do you find out if she’s still pregnant? Only by ultrasound.

Free Ultrasound

There may be no need to buy the abortion pill, but you need an ultrasound to find out. To use the medication abortion method, your girlfriend needs to know the date of conception (when she got pregnant). You can find that out too by having an ultrasound scan. Make your appointment for a free ultrasound.

What is an Ultrasound?

Not only will an ultrasound tell her how long she’s been pregnant, but it will also tell her if the pregnancy is still viable. A viable pregnancy means a heartbeat was detected, so she hasn’t miscarried.

An ultrasound scan picks up echoes of the sound waves inside your girlfriend’s stomach. The echoes are electronically turned into black and white dots. Those dots reveal an image of what’s inside of the uterus. The nurse can assist both of you in understanding the image on the computer screen. You’ll both know if she’s miscarried and what her date of conception was.

Buying the Abortion Pill

If you’ve already read “The Abortion Pill Process,” you know there are some severe side effects and risks with a medication abortion. If your girlfriend has been pregnant for longer than 9 weeks, she can’t use the abortion pill method, but she has to have a surgical abortion. 

Schedule an Appointment

Don’t wonder if she’s still pregnant. Make your appointment at ALC Pregnancy Resource Center. All of our services are free. We can give you the information you need before you spend money on the abortion pill