Can You Still Get an Abortion in Kentucky? ALC Pregnancy Resource Center

The abortion debate in Kentucky has been chaotic since the Supreme Court’s decision in June to overturn Roe. V. Wade. 

The legality of abortion has gone back and forth like a tennis ball in a Wimbledon match.

For one week immediately following the reversal of Roe V. Wade, all abortions stopped in the state. 

One quiet week full of emotion erupted into a volcano of uncertainty in the courtroom.

What Happened in Court?

When the Supreme Court served the hypothetical ball (the decision about abortion), back to the state of Kentucky, a 2019 trigger law immediately went into effect that banned abortion.

But the following Monday, the opposing team returned the serve with a strong backhand. Two top abortion providers in Kentucky sued the state, arguing that the abortion ban went against the state constitution.

The restraining order was granted to them by the Jefferson Circuit Court Judge Mitch Perry.

As a result, abortion has continued at the two clinics in the state. 

But there was no Ace in the hole.

Attorney General Daniel Cameron appealed to the high court of Kentucky, in hopes of enacting the trigger law to ban abortion in the state.

On July 4, Attorney General Daniel Cameron was again denied. 

After July 18, Federal Judge Rebecca Grady Jennings, lifted an injunction that blocked enforcement of an abortion ban after 15 weeks. 

In other words, abortion before 15 weeks gestation is now legal in Kentucky.

There is another part of the law still being disputed, and that is the banning of abortion after six weeks when a fetal heartbeat is detected. The courts will have a decision “as soon as possible” according to Justice Mitch Perry.

What Can You Do Next?

Regardless of the battle being played out in court, there are few next steps that are important for you to take. 

First, you should confirm your pregnancy. At our clinic we offer free pregnancy testing and ultrasounds. An ultrasound will help you know how far along your pregnancy is and will alert you to any complications you may be experiencing.

Second, you should talk to someone. This is not a journey you should walk alone. If you don’t feel like you can confide in anyone around you, we are here for you. Our services are free and confidential. We can offer support and education about your different options.

We want to help you make the best, most informed decision for yourself. Please contact us today for a confidential consultation.