You Are Not Alone

How to Support Her?

Are you concerned that your partner may be pregnant and you are unsure of what to do? As a guy, you may feel that you don’t want to or need to deal with this decision. Know you are not alone.

Maybe friends or family are pushing you to encourage her to have an abortion. Maybe you have unanswered questions about what your options are or how to care for her at this time. Many couples face unplanned pregnancies and find themselves alarmed and overwhelmed. She needs your support but may be unsure about what to do and fearful of the questions arising. We can help.

These ideas may help you through this time

  • Listen and assure her that she is not alone, that you will be there for her.
  • Try to understand her fears and admit that you have fears, too.
  • Get educated from a trusted source about your options. ALC would love to be that help.
  • My prenatal care options
  • Adoption education
  • Abortion education


man learns how to support her


Before Making a Choice


Decide to take responsibility in her choice

You may feel powerless in a culture that says “it’s her choice, not yours.” The truth is any decision about your baby affects both of you. This is the time to speak up – and join with her in the decision-making process. An unplanned pregnancy raises a lot of questions for both you and your partner. ALC offers the education you need to help guide you through that information. You may come alone or with your partner for an appointment. The very best plan means that before she decides, the two of you have learned about your options and decide together.

Determine to know the facts and choose your best future

Men tend to think that being supportive means they have to keep their emotions and thoughts to themselves. You need to be educated on all options too. You can choose to parent your child, create an adoption plan, or abortion. You have the right to be educated on all options. ALC will join with you and support you as you learn and decide together.

Dedicate yourself to supporting her

You know that your opinion is vital to her decision. That’s why now is the time to dedicate yourself to supporting her. Make an appointment at ALC to receive help and education in your journey through an unplanned pregnancy. We are here to listen and give you the tools you need to make an educated decision. No pressure. No cost. Completely confidential for you both.