Is An Online or At Home Abortion Safe?

If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy and considering an at-home abortion, there are some things you should know. First, abortion is currently banned in Kentucky. Second, the safety of an online or at-home abortion can depend on the precautionary steps you take beforehand.

Please note that while we do not refer or perform abortions, we are committed to providing accurate information. Here are some of the factors to consider before seeking an abortion.

Have I Received an Ultrasound Scan?

The abortion pill is meant for use during early pregnancy. If you are beyond nine or ten weeks pregnant, another option may be considered safer for you. Discovering how long you have been pregnant will reveal your safest options.

An ultrasound will also tell you if your pregnancy is progressing normally in the correct location. If the sonographer detects ectopic pregnancy or miscarriage, a treatment method other than abortion could be recommended.

At ALC Pregnancy Center, we offer free ultrasounds for your health and safety. You can schedule one for free today.

Did I Review My Personal Health History and Potential Risks?

Certain health conditions, such as having an IUD currently in place or a bleeding disorder, can make medical abortion unsafe for you. If you take medications, ensure they will not negatively interact with the abortion drugs.

The abortion pill also comes with side effects and potential risks. Take charge of your health and become informed before pursuing an abortion.

Is the Pharmacy Legitimate?

Ordering the pill from a third party online may be tempting since abortion is illegal in Kentucky. However, the FDA highly discourages doing so. 

Illegitimate online pharmacies or foreign sources are not subject to FDA regulations. 

Prescription medicines that are approved for use in the United States have been reviewed for safety, effectiveness, and quality by the FDA, and are subject to FDA-regulated manufacturing controls, including inspection of manufacturing facilities,” the FDA reports.

Any others may be contaminated, expired, the wrong dosage, or a different drug.

Do You Know the Laws?

The legal landscape continues to change in Kentucky and across the United States. While legal doesn’t always equal safe, complying with laws and having access to medical supervision can make an abortion experience safer for you.

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