What Are The Side Effects of the Abortion Pill?

Does the thought of fast food breakfast make you want to run to the bathroom and throw up? Or maybe the sentimental commercial made you start weeping out of the blue. 


Morning sickness and crazy hormone levels can make pregnancy feel like a strange roller coaster ride with the most sudden triggers. 


And if you weren’t planning to be pregnant right now, those fun little extra experiences might be making you look for the nearest exit. 


But before you consider taking the abortion pill to end the crazy ride, it is important to gather all the information you can – including the risks. 


How Does the Abortion Pill Work?


The abortion pill series ends a pregnancy by blocking an important hormone called progesterone. This hormone acts like a vehicle that brings all the important nutrients into the womb. When the progesterone supply is cut off, so are the needed nutrients.


Once the pregnancy is terminated, your body will begin labor-like contractions to essentially “give birth” to the early pregnancy remains.


What Are The Risks of the Abortion Pill?


If you take the FDA approved drugs, the risks include:

  • An incomplete abortion, which occurs when your body doesn’t expel all of the pregnancy. If left untreated this can cause an infection which can then lead to septic shock
  • Heavy bleeding
  • Extreme cramping 
  • Fever
  • Failed abortion


If you purchase the pills from a third-party source over the internet, there are other risks. These cheaper drugs that can be found online have not been approved by the FDA, and therefore may not be what they claim to be. They may be expired, the wrong dosages, or altogether fake. These can cause other complications. 


Can I Reverse the Abortion Pill? 


If you take the abortion pill and decide to change your mind about your abortion, you may be able to reverse the pill if you act quickly. 


If you contact your healthcare provider within an hour of taking the abortion pill, they may be able to induce vomiting and eject the mifepristone before it is absorbed into your body. If you are within 24-72 hours, you can receive pills or injections of progesterone to counteract the abortion pill.


According to the Abortion Pill Reversal Network, as many as 68 percent of women have found success with the abortion pill reversal. 


If you have already taken the abortion pill and would like to reverse it, don’t waste any time. Call the Abortion Pill Reversal Network at  1-877-558-0333 to find a provider in your area who can administer progesterone to you immediately. 


Where Can I Learn More?

If you have more questions about the abortion pill or want to know if you are a candidate for the pill, give us a call. We can give you a free ultrasound to confirm how far along you are in your pregnancy, and talk you through your different options based on the results.